Strategies In Teaching

Strategies In Teaching

February 12th, 2013

Providing English Language Learners Comprehensible Input

Students must be provided “comprehensible input” so they are “making meaning” and developing “fluency and accuracy.” Teachers of English language learners can benefit from understanding the important research of Dr. Stephen Krashen.

Traditionally language has been taught by teaching grammar, providing extensive practice, drill, and structure. When Dr. Krashen talks about comprehensible input, he describes using more visuals. Jo Gusman, president and founder of New Horizons in Education in Sacramento, California, explains more about Dr. Krashen’s approach:

“One of the most powerful things that [Dr. Krashen] shares with all of us is to make the teaching, the content meaningful. It’s very human for all of us to sit in a seminar, or in a class. And you keep on asking yourself, ‘What does this have to do with my world? When am I going to ever use this?’

“So, by tapping into meaning, which then connects to reading vocabulary, prior knowledge, that will really help us know how to deliver the lesson.”

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